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Food & Retail

  • haccp compliant monitoring of the cold chain for food transportation
  • Replaces the manual effort of temperature data loggers
  • Cleaning and repair documentation
  • Inventory transparency via container pool
  • Optimization service life & storage times
  • Theft monitoring



  • Automated inventory monitoring
  • Full, empty and delivery data linkage
  • Service life of the SLTs also at suppliers
  • Location also out of buildings
  • Quality monitoring through shock detection



Dangerous goodsmonitoring

  • Warning when the temperature rises
  • Messages when limit values are exceeded (SMS, email, push)
  • Location of the container
  • Location also out of buildings
  • Long battery life (3 to 5 years)



mechanical engineering

  • Coordination of fitters, systems and machines
  • Monitoring vibration
  • Temperature transmission
  • Location and transport route
  • Without infrastructure, even in buildings



Pharmacy & Medicine

  • Monitoring the cold chain of pharmaceuticals
  • Delivery and batch linking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Route tracking
  • Empties container coordination



Object- & Facade construction

  • Glass transport and facade elements for construction
  • Coordination of fitters and deliveries
  • Inventory transparency full / empty
  • Shocks to the goods
  • Damage responsibility



theft & shrinkage

  • Automated inventory monitoring
  • Tracking of stolen load carriers
  • Finding forgotten load carriers
  • Location also out of buildings
  • Automated notification via workflow when the load carrier leaves the region