Our mobile-app offers a wide range of options and can be installed on all android and iOS-enabled devices.

This enables you to access data and information about your load carriers at any time, even when you are on the road.

The use of handheld scanners with android operating systems (e.g. zebra scanners) is also supported.




Linking information

You can even link data and information to your load carrier or goods easily by scanning.

Store data and have it comfortably displayed for the relevant load carrier.


Status changes such as:

  • loaded
  • unloaded
  • defective
  • cleaning
  • repair

Or current notes like:

  • contact
  • location name
  • storage location
  • delivery note number
  • telephone number
  • customer number
  • order number

Change easily and quickly with the app.


Update location

To organise storage locations at the site, you can also use our app to change the exact location of the mobile device used in the web-platform.

This allows you to see where the load carrier is located at your respective site.

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