tracker tx 4.0 [t]

thermo tracker

the tx 4.0 [t] seamlessly tracks your food transport with temperature recording in the fresh, meat and frozen chain with location, routes, temperature values and temperature recording HACCP compliant, and battery power at a glance.

detect broken cold chains and act before spoiled goods reach the consumer.

the data are transmitted throughout europe over deutsche telekom’s nb-iot.

should there be a momentary loss of connectivity, the data is temporarily stored on the tracker until the next connection.

temperature measuring range: -27 c to +80 °c; limit value for measurement deviations: +/-0.5 °c; resolution: <0.2°c

operating conditions: temperature -27 °c to +70 °c; humidity: 5% to 85% (no condensation).

ip protection class: ip67.

device dimensions: length: 118mm – width: 57mm – height: 27mm

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